I was talking to a friend of mine about an upcoming bow hunting trip to Alberta, Canada. He shared with me the sucess he had with your product Whitetail Obsession. He gave me a bottle and I took it North. It paid off as I used it in a scrape and on a licking branch the last afternoon of our hunt.

Right before dark an eight point buck came in first and put his nose right in it. He decided he was going to work the scrape but, before he could, another buck snorted and ran him off. Out came a big Alberta twelve point. I took him down with an eighteen yard shot.

We had been seeing this buck on a trail camera at night. There is no doubt in my mind Whitetail Obsession helped bring these bucks out in daylight!! You can bet I will be taking some back with me next year.

Johnny Burbank
Fernandina Beach, FL
Arrowhead Outfitters

Dear Whitetail Obsessions,
I am fourteen years old and I would like you to know that your product really works and I couldn't ask for anything better. I recently harvested a buck that was headed straight for a scrape that I had put trophy obsession in and around. I also had sprayed it out before daylight that morning and he came in at 7:26 am. he didnt seem nervous at all as I would expect a buck to be out in the open like that. I stopped him and made a good shot with my .243 that dropped him in his tracks.

Thank you for making such a great product!I never would have gotten this buck without it!

Thanks and good hunting, -Tanner Edenfield