Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for introducing me to
your Whitetail Obsession products. It seems like everytime you turn
around someone is coming up with a new gimmick or product that is suppose to
help you kill bigger and better bucks. I've been guilty of trying a few of them, but
most don't seem to work. I have also found this to be true of most of the scents
and attractants as well. Many even seem to spook the deer.

Not so with your products. I have used the Body Soap, Laundry Soap, Scent Elemanator and the Bow Hunters Fatal Obsession. I especially like the Scent Elemanator and the Bow Hunters Fatal Obsession.

Thanks Buddy and Good Hunting,
Wright Harrell
Arrowhead Outfitters

The Bowhunters's Fatal Obsession worked great on this hunt, I sprayed it on some brush about 30 yards away from my stand and then also misted into the air after getting into my stand.

This buck and another buck came straight to it from down wind. After shooting this buck the other buck tried to come back to the scent but it was getting to dark for a good shot.

Thanks for putting me on such good products. Since everyone has heard the story this morning I have almost sold out of the Fatal Obsession.

Tyler Clifton