Whitetail Obsession deer lure is taking the industry by storm!

With a 50 year old trapper's formula of deer urine, interdigital, preorbital, and tarsal gland secretions, Whitetail Obsession is simply irresistible!

Whether you select the "Bowhunters Fatal Obsession", "Trophy Obsession", or "Doe Estrus" formula, you be confident you are using only the best in deer attractants!
Southern Woods n' Water TV - "Keepin' it Real"

Show hosts Dennis & Angela, Pro Staff and friends bring you along, up close and personal, as they explore some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in North America carrying on a family tradition.

Tune in each week for an unmatched television experience. All shows are filmed 100% fair chase! We hunt like you hunt, no fences or game farms; this is reality outdoor TV at its finest. Our motto is "Keepin' it Real With Southern Woods n' Water TV" a Christian based family outdoor show for everyone to watch.